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What to Expect

at a pelvic floor therapy session

Step 1:
Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation is typically 75-90 minutes. This is the time where we get an opportunity to review not only why you are here, but your personal history, events, past treatments, and your own thoughts about why you are having this problem. I spend more time on the initial intake, reviewing forms and talking with you than on any other part of the exam. Establishing a safe connection is important in helping us navigate these very personal and often rarely talked about issues.  Listening to clients and asking the right questions often helps set us on the right path for treatment.   

Step 2:
Movement Assessment

As part of the initial evaluation, I perform a comprehensive assessment of movement, strength, reflexes, flexibility, balance and palpation of bony landmarks and pain. I will also look at your posture, alignment and breathing. If indicated there may be an internal pelvic or rectal evaluation to determine the cause of pain, weakness or incoordination of the muscles causing the dysfunctions such as incontinence, prolapse, or constipation. 

Step 3:

The internal examination is only performed with your written and verbal consent, explained with a pelvic muscle model first, and can be stopped at any time. You are also welcome to bring someone with you to be present during the examination. After the evaluation is completed, we discuss the findings and determine a plan of action to help you reach your goals, and when/ if you need to return for follow up. 

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Personalized Care

After your initial evaluation, movement assessment and exam,  I'll design a personalized care plan for your specific needs. Everything we do will be tailored to your symptoms and goals. We'll review your care plan often to ensure your support changes as you change.

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